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Discover the Latest Caps in Our Catalog

Discover the Latest Caps in Our Catalog

Five absolutely uncompromising caps with brims that epitomize what Tigers love the most.

Jamaica No Problem Trucker Caps 

In the summery vibes, these charming trucker caps are a must-have. Available in two color variations - white-navy and deep black - they bring a touch of freedom and a hint of... well, Jamaican ambiance to our collection. Designed for comfort and breathability, they are a perfect choice for warm days and chill gatherings.

Camouflage Baseball Cap 

If nature fascinates you, this baseball cap is just for you. In camouflage shades of green and brown, with a curved brim and mesh at the back and sides, it provides not only style but functionality as well.

Lion of Zion Snapback 

For true Roots Reggae enthusiasts. A black body with a green underside brim. Stiffened panels and ventilation eyelets - a blend of comfort and aesthetics. Complementing it is the mesh appliqué of the Lion of Zion, whose energy has inspired the Rastafarian movement and spirit for centuries.

Fire Burn Babylon Snapback 

The final snapback proposition delivers a powerful message. The text "Fire Burn Babylon" on a black cap in Rasta Reggae colors is an expression of the fight against injustice and oppression. The flat brim with a contrasting green underside and six stitches add character. This is a choice for those who not only listen to Reggae but also wear its message on their heads.

So, let these caps become your musical statement, reflecting your style and passion for reggae and Rasta vibes. Each carries a unique message that you can incorporate into your daily attire and personality.

Explore the Headwear Section to uncover our latest products and infuse a touch of Jamaican vibes into your style.

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