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How our graphics are made

In three words, let's talk about how our graphics are created and end up on the clothes.

It all starts innocently when an idea pops into our heads (inspiration? You hear a good tune, see an interesting action at a party, read a great text, etc.). Then comes the brainstorming, sharing ideas, and the first sketches appear on paper (many of them end up in the trash, but that's another story:)). With a pen in hand, we sit down at the computer, open the program, and start working... or not, depending on the inspiration.

Sometimes something interesting is created in the proverbial five minutes, other times a person struggles, sweats, and groans (at that point, the work usually ends, and the design goes to the shelf, for an unspecified period).

The finished design must be prepared for screen printing - not for the faint-hearted. We start with printing on transparencies, check the selection of transparency density, etc. If everything is okay, we expose the screen. If we don't know what to do next with it, the ready-made screen stretched on the frame can be hung on the wall ;) We attach the screen to the carousel, set the right calibration, and ... off we go!

Then comes the fun with the "painter," only this brush is a bit peculiar ;). The finished t-shirt, hoodie, or anything else goes through the tunnel, and voila! The rest is up to the packer, warehouse worker, and shop staff :)

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