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Jamaica 1987 - Rewind Selecta! ☢_☢

Jamaica 1987 - Rewind Selecta! ☢_☢

Jamaica 1987 - Rewind Selecta! ☢_☢

It would be nice to be able to go to a Jamaican party in the 80's. Unrealistic, but fortunately the films from them remained. Admittedly, the selectors played mainly from vinyl back then, but if you found yourself at a dance with cassettes, I bet you could use a pencil more than once while rewinding.

And that's also what this graphic is, kept in retro style, with a slightly humorous message. The cassette tape and the pencil are props that, in our opinion, are forever linked together.

Available for purchase at the links below:

Men's Jamaica 1987 T-shirt - Rewind Selecta!

Women's Jamaica 1987 - Rewind Selecta!

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