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Dig it All vinyl record!

Dig It All - calling all digital immigrants and natives!

Check it!

LP Dr.Ring Ding meets Dreadsquad – Dig It All

CD Dr.Ring Ding meets Dreadsquad – Dig It All

After a number of previous collaborations in various styles of the Reggae
genre (such as Roots, Dancehall, Ska and Dub) and uncounted hours of sharing
the passion for this music by talking about it, listening to it and
performing it, we decided to join forces for a venturesome project.

It is no secret that both of us have a predilection for the origins of the
computerized Dancehall style that was created and developed in 80s Jamaica
by innovative producers such as King Jammy and Bobby Digital. The
instrumental-track to Wayne Smith's "Under Me Sleng Teng",
a Jammy production from 1985, is claimed to be the first 'all digital'
rhythm in Reggae. It has paved the way for literally thousands of artists
and producers, including ourselves.

On the performance side, the inspiration lies in the works of veteran
Deejays such as Admiral Bailey, Chaka Demus and Cutty Ranks, to name a few.
Storytelling as a way of entertainment, finding diverting topics,
interesting expressions and riding the riddim with a peculiar flow.

On the producer side, the inspiration came from the pioneers of digital
Reggae such as Jammys, Harry J, Steely and Clevie, and Gussie
Clarke. During the production, a lot of classic original gear from back in
the day was used - Yamaha CS-01, Casio Mt41 and MT100, Roland Space Echo,
Fisher SpaceXpander, and the Coron DS-08 Drum Synth.

This way, it was possible to catch the sound and the spirit of the
originators and respectfully and sensitively transport it into modern times.

So here it is - our tribute to the veterans and pioneers of the digital
style, dedicated to all digital specialists!

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